Heralding WordPress.com

I see, via Darren, that there’s an article about WordPress.com at The Blog Herald. Duncan’s early assessment is that it is looking fine. I agree with that. I also agree with his remark on customization, or the lack thereof.

For a current WordPress user this is going to come as the biggest shock, but I have read somewhere that this might be standard: basically there is no ability, at least at this stage to tweak a template… I’m sure I read Matt Mullenweg saying that the whole customize your blog market is not what they are aiming for with this service, which is fair enough, although in later releases I’d be suggesting at least some basic customization options, because even a new blogger is eventually going to want to play with the look of their blog.

I also think that it’s important to set expectations soon about how much customization WordPress.com will allow when it gets into stable release. I’d hate to have people looking forward to getting their WP.com blog and then finding that it doesn’t give them enough of one of WordPress’ great strengths: control over one’s own blog.


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