WordPress.com FAQ

I’ve been hoping for a while that an faq would appear. I’m glad to say that Donncha has posted one. Thanks to Donncha for this, and for WordPress Multi-User, which is used by WordPress.com and by more than a dozen other sites.

I’d like to see a few more questions and answers added. For example:

  • Who is WordPress.com for? It is for people who want to have a free hosted WordPress blog without having to install or update the software.
  • Who is WordPress.com not for? It is not intended for people who want access to the full flexibility of WordPress. So if you want to be able to edit your theme or install plugins, you will be better served by a WordPress blog you install yourself.
  • Will tags be supported? A future version of WordPress will have tags built in, so that you can specify tags when you post along with trackbacks, etc. So you won’t need  a plugin to tag your posts. (The answer is wishful thinking, but I know I’m not the only person who has this question.)
  • Which of the WordPress.com restrictions are actually WPMU restrictions? (All right, this question is probably not frequently asked.)

I hope that some of the above suggestions are helpful.


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