Unlocked: Flock and…

I’m blogging this from Flock, having recently recived my invitation. Matt points out that if you have Flock, you have an implicit WordPress.com invite. I would trackback from this post to his, and put this post in the WordPress.com category, but I don’t think that the Flock post editor lets me do that.

Update, from the WordPress post editor. The good news is that the post did end up in the category I intended, probably because it is the default category.

The bad news is that I had trouble getting to the post editor, or indeed to any part of site admin, for this blog. There seems to be a redirect from the admin area to ringoo dot com, a site I had not previously been aware of. This seems to have started right after I used Flock to post to this blog. It could be a coincidence… 


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