Andrew Still in the House

One of my resolutions for 2011 is to review the ridiculously large number of blogs I have, and to decide what to do with each of them. I’ll use the tag toomanyblogs for posts related to this exercise. This is the first such post.

This blog goes first because I just got an email from a fellow Andrew who would like I just replied with no: a polite no, I hope, but still a no. I haven’t posted here since 2008, and each of the last few posts has been a little trial of some feature or other.

But andrew is my name, and I’m glad to have been early enough into to get And I like some of the early content. For example, in 2005, I described as a “gateway drug” to self-hosted WordPress. I remarked that the way out should be well signposted. One commenter saw an implication with which he disagreed.

A ‘fee’ on exporting your blog account to somewhere else? Isn’t that too far fetched?

Six years later, Automattic announced guided transfers, at $99 a time.

So, although I have too many blogs, I’m keeping this one.


Is This Theme Tag-Aware?

I’m currently using Garland, and wondering if it will display the tags I’m putting on this post.

Update: it did. I started a post on the support forum to keep track of which themes are tag-aware. Garland is. Sandbox is now, although it wasn’t when I first made this post. At the time of this update, I’m using the Sandbox theme.

Thanks For Making It Snappy

Jolly words from Santa Matt:

On a limited number of blogs, about 10% we’re testing out a plugin that allows you to have Snap Preview Anywhere (SPA for short) enabled on your blog. SPA is a little widget that shows people a preview of the page on the other end of a link when they hover over it for a few seconds.

I am among the 10%… perhaps I was good this year after all…