May be Moving Here

I keep on thinking about moving my main blog here. Now that supports domain mapping I could point to this blog and be up and running again (although there are of course issues of exporting and importing data).

My current host is, which is currently crippled by spam. Hence, to which changingway currently points, hasn’t been available for a few days now. JD Hodges, founder of, is handling the situation with his usual grace, but it’s tough.


Signpost in the Desert

Yes, things have been very quiet here for a while. I’ve been rather less quiet at other blogs, particularly:

  • Changing Way, my main blog
  • The Way to MU, which is about WordPress Multi-User, and includes a list of sites at which WPMU is running

I plan, sometime soon (whatever that means) to use this blog as a playground for widgets.

Importing From Blogger to

When I switched from Blogger to WordPress, I did not import the content of my old blog, Blogging on the Free Web (BFW, from this point on). Since Blogger/Blogspot is free, I decided to leave the old content there. I didn’t take much more than a cursory glance at the guides to migrating from Blogger to WordPress.

I recently noticed on the dashboard of my blog that there’s an Import option. A little further investigation showed that it does indeed import from Blogger to

So I created a new BFW at, went to Import, and pointed it at the existing BFW at Blogger. A few minutes later, the posts and comments were in the new blog. It didn’t import the template, and hence didn’t import the sidebar, but that’s fine.

At a cursory glance, the content had been imported cleanly. At a slightly less cursory glance, flickr-y posts such as this one are a little messed up. I’ll leave both BFWs around for the forseeable future as an example of an import from Blogger.

All in all, though, well done to the folks on the import tool. I’m not sure how available it is to other WordPress and WPMU sites.

Good Review of

Emily’s review of is “good” in two senses. It’s favorable, and it’s a good piece of reviewing: well-written, thoughtful, and helpful.

So what you get is a blogging platform that is VERY easy to use, and very slick, but rather limiting for expert bloggers.

Emily is a TypePadder, rather than a WordPress loyalist, so her positive review of WordPress carries more weight than would a similar review from, say, me.